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Specialising in High Quality Decorative 18th, 19th & early 20th Century Antiques and Fine Art
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Having been a fanatical Collector of Antiques for 35 years – faced with a move and massive home down-sizing with the children gone and yet still wanting the buzz to acquire rare and beautiful items my wife laid the law down – ‘You’re not putting more antiques into storage – if you want to continue collecting you need to start selling items’ – Thus the idea of this business was born.

Accordingly, I am now able to offer items from my private collection. I initially developed a passion and extensive knowledge for 19th Century Painting with this rapidly extending to Clocks, Furniture (Regency a speciality), Mirrors, Bronzes, Ormolu Candelabra, Porcelain and anything that was beautiful, rare and in superb condition. Over the years I have met and learned from many top dealers (many now retired) and experts offering hundreds of £millions of antiques.

My collection is built on items that are in largely good original condition, correctly and sympathetically restored (as acquired or arranged by me) that should appeal to the discerning collector. Sadley many antiques appear that have been poorly and over restored using modern materials that that can dramatically imped future restoration and investment value.

• I believe I’m selling beautiful antiques that sit equally as part of a collection in a period setting – or
as a signature piece set in a totally modern home
• Selected antiques and period paintings can work beautifully as a counterpoint to modern and minimalist furnishings.
• Antiques are totally Green. Even the most expensive modern furniture and mirrors are often structurally made of fibre-board which if
damaged is often impossible to repair and typically worth 10/15% in the second-hand market! Thus, the overwhelming majority of them
will end up in a skip!

Specialising in High Quality Decorative 18th, 19th & early 20th Century Antiques and Fine Art

Actaeon Antiques and Art

West Sussex
United Kingdom

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Other than a few smaller items that can be safely posted, nearly all items are hand delivered (and set up in the case of clocks) by Martin Bros who are one of Britain’s most prestigious carriers of antiques and fine art. I wish us avoid the hassle of cheap men and their vans! The standard (subsidised) delivery price shown is for mainland UK excluding Scotland. Please ask for a Quotation where the standard price is not applicable.
Restoration and Presented Condition
I do not subscribe to the shabby chic or make it like new approach using modern materials which can make future restoration extremely difficult and impede long-term investment value.
Any restoration work is done to the highest (museum) standards using traditional materials so as to not compromise the patina of age.

Accordingly, please note some antique items for sale will have wear and marks associated with use over many generations that adds to the aesthetic beauty of the piece from the collector’s perspective.
Fine Art - Condition
All Paintings offered have been chosen for their excellent original condition, with where necessary museum standard cleaning, restoration and revarnishing. Presented in Gallery condition they are ready to hang for many generations, before cleaning / revarnishing may be necessary.
Any Questions?
I just love acquiring and talking about antiques and fine art so will be pleased to discuss any of the items I have for sale on UK 07515 741344 or
Best wishes Richard