Conor Hannah

The Founder of
& The Charity


Followiing a short career with Cisco Systems ini London, UK, Conor founded in 2002. Following a tragic life event in 2015, Conor decided to refocus his life on helping the poorest of the poor.


Profits from Sellingantiques

Conor uses around 20% of the profits generated by (of which he is the 100% shareholder) to finance the running of the charity.



Conor quickly realised that it was not possible to solve the problems of poverty. It was not the mission of the charity. The mission was to bring a little help and a little hope to as many poor people as possible.

Other charities offer employment, education and training, but our charity is focussed on providing the absolute essential needs of water and food.

3000 People Helped Each Week

    Thanks to the generosity of the donations from, businesses, schools, churches, and individuals the charity directly helps 3000 people each week.

    The more donations we receive the more people that we will be able to help.