Foundation Ayuda Una Familia

Kitchen for the Homeless

Hot Meals

We are very motivated to produce the 1000 meals we produce each week knowing that the homeless have a hot meal to eat.


Every day of the week

With the help of our selfless volunteers, we are able to prepare meals every day of the week. The 1000 meals prepared on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are distributed directly to the homeless of and families in dire need.


Industrial Kitchen

Thanks to Sellingantiques donations we were able to create an industrial level kitchen with machines that enable us to produce vast numbers of meals with a small number of volunteers.

With the help of our dedicated volunteers, we can prepare meals every day of the week.

Government License to Prepare Meals for the Homeless

    We have been authorised by the local authority as a "Central Kitchen". This a special license that means we need to maintain high stndards of food safety. We are able to produce the meals on our premises and distribute them externally.