Water Distribution System

The charity created a water system that can deliver 2,000 litres of water on each journey. The water is delivered to families who live in situationes where they do not have a water supply.

We deliver around 50,000 litres of water each week

Our network of 120 IBC containers are refilled on a regular basis.
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Standard IBC Containers
Network of 120 second hand IBC containers that were previously used for food processing.
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The families use the water for cleaning clothes, showering, cleaning dishes and general household cleaning.
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In order for the water to remain usuable we regularly clean the IBC tanks to ensure that the water is always in optimum condition.
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We distribute the water in two trucks. An Iveco Daily 160 which can tranport 1800 litres of water in each journey. The other is a Ford Transit 350 which transports up to 2000 litres of water on each journey.
The time it takes for us to refil a 1000 litre IBC tank.
The time it would take a person to fill 1000 litres using a council tap provided each square kilometre.
The number of water bottles that we being refilled in council taps before we started our water distribution system.