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Pyrontique Customer Information

We accept payment by bank transfer, credit card, debit card or PayPal in either Sterling or Euros. Please visit Pyrontique website for further details or if you wish to make an online purchase.

Delivery to an address in England & Wales is included in our listed price.
For delivery to all other areas of the UK and worldwide, please contact us for a quote.
Delivery is usually within 2 weeks, maximum 3 - 4 weeks around busy times of the year or for pieces that are new to the market. Please check with us and we will confirm with you.
Alternatively items stored in Kentcan be collected from our store with prior arrangement.

If you change your mind about a purchase immediately after ordering and before dispatch, you can cancel your order and receive a refund. In this case,please send us a message outlining your decision. There may be a cancellation/handling fee to pay. If your order has already been dispatched, you will need to paythe delivery and return shipping costs.

We run an online store and viewing in person is unfortunately not an option. Returns can be made up to 14days afterdelivery. If you wish to return an item please send us written notification within 48 hours of receipt. We will then arrange for you to return it to us.The item must be returned back in the same state/condition/quality as it left and a full refund less delivery and return delivery costswill be issued.

As with all antiques, there may be signs of wear & tear due to the age of a piece and its history.We aim to describe our pieces accurately - please ask for more description and photos if you would like more information.

Every piece is checked by our qualified restorer with many years of extensive experience in a variety of settings. Some pieces occasionally have signs of historic old woodworm (which has long since disappeared) as is common with old French furniture. Any pieces with evidence of historic worm are always treated as a precautionary measure and subsequently cleaned and waxed when needed.

The wiring on electrical pieces is usually original (unless stated in the description) and we recommend that each piece is checked and fitted by a qualified electrician at installation.

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