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ANTIQUE NUMBER SA1001961: Enchanting Irish All Iron No End Dark Green King Size Bed

Enchanting Irish All Iron No End Dark Green King Size Bed

£1,395    $1,817    €1,660
Enchanting Irish all iron dark green king size bed, a marvel that knows no bounds. With an ethereal lightness to its appearance, this bed is a true gem, ideal for a cozy retreat or a room blessed with a breathtaking vista. The very essence of grandeur and elegance, it has been meticulously restored, ensuring every detail is perfection itself.
The side rails have been lovingly checked to ensure a flawless fit, while the rails have been thoughtfully adapted to provide unwavering support for wood slats and a standard king size mattress measuring 150cm x 200cm. An exquisite journey of craftsmanship has taken place, with the whole frame undergoing a transformative shot blasting and priming process, laying the foundation for the pičce de résistance - a hand-painted finish in the enchanting Obsidian Green, courtesy of the prestigious Little Green paint company.
Its head stands tall, reaching a maximum height of 140cm, evoking a regal aura that beckons you to rest your head in luxurious comfort. Along its sides, the side rail, standing at a graceful 38.5cm, presents both security and beauty in equal measure, completing the bed's timeless design.
Embracing your dreams in its wide embrace, this king size wonder spans an overall width of 153cm, its magnificence extending over an overall length of 202cm
The price includes the sturdy wood slats, a foundation crafted to support your slumber in unparalleled splendor.
Fear not, for we offer an enticing alternative - a 2" deep upholstered mini box base, an embodiment of both comfort and sophistication, as captured in the photograph that graces our collection. Furthermore, our realm of indulgence extends to hand-made mattresses in a myriad of comfort choices, an invitation to immerse yourself in the realm of personalized opulence. For further details, simply peruse the mattress section of our esteemed website.
Distance shall not impede our quest for customer satisfaction, as we proudly orchestrate national and int...
Antique #SA1001961, showcased on this page, originates from the victorian Era. For historical context, the timeline below highlights the period when it was made:
   The Victorian Era   
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